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I'm not usually into quotes as such, but this is my absolute all time favourite quote.

Friday, 30 August 2013
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My Pick of the Patterns: BLAZERS

Patterned blazers are one of my favourite ways of brightening or smarting up a plain outfit. I love wearing blazers unbuttoned, slightly oversized with skinny jeans and quite a plain top, or more fitted blazers with plain dresses. In my opinion, blazers are pretty versatile and can be worn day or night and all year round (nights out in the winter). This post is my pick of the bright blazers that I have found online.

(From left to right)

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Happiness, a successful career, marriage, a family is obviously part of my “before I die” list but this is my bucket list which I’ve decided to post to remind me of what I could achieve. I will more than likely add to my bucket list over time, but here’s the first ten entries:
  •  The first on my list isn’t the most exciting, but I want to leave college with results that I’m proud of. This is important to me as it shows that, if I try, I can do well. This is first purely because it is the one that I could achieve first. I am about to move on to my second, and final, year at college, so hopefully this can be ticked soon. After college, I’m not sure if I will go to uni or not, but I know I want to travel... 
  • Travel. This sounds vague, but there is nothing I want more than to travel the world. I love visiting other countries and seeing how they differ to England, especially Essex. Don’t get me wrong, I do like England, but knowing that there is a whole world out there excites me so much. The idea of travelling is overwhelming, where do you start? When do you start? Where and when do you finish? I love the thought of working and living abroad, the independence and change from home.  I’m only seventeen years old right now, but I remember when I was younger my family and I travelled around the USA. I would love to do that again, especially now that I am older, I think I would appreciate it even more.
  • Write a story. Now anyone can write a story, but I want to write a successfully published story that means something to people. I must admit, I am a bit of a bookworm, and I would love to know that I could interest someone as much as some stories interest me. I think my biggest inspiration is Nicholas Sparks, for obvious reasons. I love how he has written so many successful stories, and even seen the majority of them hit the big screen. I love his writing!
  • Write a successful blog. I know that the amount of readers isn’t the priority with a blog, but knowing that people read my blog and enjoy it would be amazing! I think it’s important to me as I enjoy reading blogs so much, and it would be great to know that someone enjoys mine the same way.
  • Go to a film premiere. I know you can go and see film premieres but I’d love to walk the red carpet, and be recognized. It sounds contradictive, but I’m not crazy about the idea of being famous, but film premieres excite me so much, the atmosphere looks amazing and, well, I am a complete film junkie.
  •   Learn another language. At secondary school it was compulsory to learn either French or Spanish for a year. I studied French, but I wasn’t really interested in it. I really wish I had tried harder back then as I would love to be fluent in another language.
  • Learn to play an instrument. I'm still undecided, but I've always liked the idea of playing the guitar. I love music and it would be great to make my own!
  •     A sponsored charity skydive. I must be mad! The adrenaline of skydiving looks amazing and knowing that it would raise money for charity makes it so worth it.
  •  Own a Chanel bag. Now, I know this isn’t really an achievement but OH MY GOSH I love the Chanel quilted bags. And everyone deserves a splurge item, right?!
  • Do a Northern Lights City Break. Need I say more? It would be amazing to see them!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013
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A massive influence of starting a blog was to get me more fashion minded. Most evenings I spend time online shopping (online window shopping) and I've noticed how a lot of my clothes are quite safe and simple. I decided that I need to step out of my comfort zone in order to spice up my wardrobe. My wardrobe consists mainly of skinnys, oversized jumpers/cardigans and quite plain shirts. This is fine, however I think its about time to dive into the brighter colours. Here are some items from my current Topshop wishlist:


Okay, probably not the most daring and exciting choice but Topshop Mom jeans are a great alternative to their Leigh Jeans that I live in! I think the loose fit of them makes them appear casual and comfortable and a great item for college or just general days out. However, they could be styled with a pair of sandal heels to become more evening appropriate.


That's more like it! Now this is a brave choice for me. I love jumpsuits (and playsuits) and think they are great for nights out. This one in particular would be nice for the evening, not something I would personally wear to college or in the day time. Topshop also have this jumpsuit in black but I love the bright blue. I think jumpsuits are great in the summer when you don't want to have your legs out.


I absolutely love love love kimonos!!! They are great for the summer, even if it is coming to an end, just to pull over your outfit in the evening. Kimonos are great to make a plain outfit (jeans and a cami) a bit more fancy. I also think kimonos are great for festivals if you're wearing denim shorts and a cami! Topshop and River Island both have a great range of kimonos


I need this. Orange is my absolute favourite colour and I love blouses/shirts, so this is an absolute win!!! I think this could be worn in the day or evening with skinnys and just a change of shoes. I love oversized shirts as they are so easy to wear and style.


I am an absolute sucker for bags!! Love love love them. I like this bag purely because it's so different to any I own. I like the structure and colour, and I think it's a good size for college and day to day.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
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REVIEW: Sinful Colors Nail Polish

I am an absolute nail varnish junkie, so when I finally found the Sinful Colors nail polish at my local Boots store I had to buy some.
Sinful Colors are a complete bargain at £1.99 each, and are great quality for the price.

I picked up the four above colours, "Snow Me White," "Big Daddy," "I Miss You" and "Thimbleberry."
I understand that often you get what you pay for, and that cheaper nail varnishes aren't always great quality, but these Sinful Colors nail polishes are amazing!

I'm not usually a fan of white nails, but I picked up "Snow Me White" as white nail polish can be used to create cool nail effects and for £1.99, I won't be too upset if I don't use it.

"Big Daddy" is the orange polish, "Thimbleberry" is the pink and they are both amazing summer colours! I have been wearing "Thimbleberry" for three or four days now and have found that it has lasted really well with two coats, plus a base and top coat.
The packaging of the polishes is very sophisticated and almost looks like a high end product. It is arguable that the Sinful Colors nail polish is a dupe for OPI, but I couldn't recommend them highly enough. I prefer the wider brushes that basically cover your nail in one coat, unfortunately the Sinful Colors brushes aren't as wide as I like but still an absolute steal for £1.99, plus there is a great range of colours.

Monday, 26 August 2013
Posted by Amy insideout

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